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Search Engine Architecture Demandware SEO Consultant and Experts for Ecommerce Websites or Large Scale Shopping Websites

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As the internet becomes more complicated, search engines have a hard time keeping up with evolving programming languages and ecommerce frameworks within platforms like Demandware. With our professionals, your website or online applications become search crawler friendly making your content more visible. With our consulting services , we will figure out why search engines are hindering your traffic, and set you on the path towards findability.

Digital Architecture For Search Engines

Technical SEO for Demandware Consultant

Faceted Navigation Experts for Demandware

Javascript Rendering & Prerendering

Troubleshoot crawler and Website Architecture Roadblocks

Search Engine Optimization for
Enterprise Cloud Platforms

Javascript SEO Expert for Ecommerce

With Javascript applications continually increasing in applications like Demandware, we have made it our business to become specialists in this territory. In addition to audits for Javascript SEO, we also have a deep understanding of SEO for SPA, Vue js, Ember js, React friendly SEO and most JS frameworks.

Demandware Indexing solutions for content accessibility

Server-Side rendering & accelerating webpage load times

SEO clarity with crawler architecture refinement



Restructure your Demandware website to maximize indexing, crawler rate and rankings.



Say goodbye to stressful budget restrictions around indexing and crawler optimization, and enjoy the climbing indexing usage.

Semantic HTML

Your current Demandware HTML layout will be thoroughly reviewed by our specialists. We want your SEO Semantic Markup to be streamlined so you stand out in the search engines.



OnPage SEO consulting for Demandware is your key to search engine rankings. You will receive SEO consulting with recommendations all the way down to the page level!


How our SEO Service Works

Get started Now

Are Search Engine issues limiting your company’s and Demandware websites growth? Let them go and take a breath. With our in-depth knowledge, we got you covered.

Contact & Review

5 After you’ve reached out, we will run an evaluation of your company’s Demandware website and let you know how we can help.

Chat About Your SEO Needs

Our Demandware experts will contact you and explore your SEO needs further. This is critical in setting you up on a path to succeed.

SEO Game Plan

Our dedicated team will design an SEO company blueprint geared towards your website or online application. Then a specialist will review this new plan with you.

3 Reasons to Choose Us

Search Engine Architects

With over 10 years of consulting services and Demandware experience in the digital space, we are experts at solving your company’s issues with our technical SEO consulting services.

Tried and Tested

With our case studies, we are happy to share real customer solutions for your Demandware e-commerce platform. We understand that actions really do speak louder than words.

Set Apart

Unlike our competitors, we are specialists and have a comprehensive knowledge of Technical SEO. This means in addition to all the other benefits you get with us, we also understand the back-end of eCommerce platforms like Demandware.

Common Questions

Do you offer a log file analysis?

YES. We will review your log files from your servers to find any types of crawler issues with your Demandware store.   From these types of analysis we can determine if the crawl budget is being wasted or if search engines are spending more time than necessary on irrelevant pages to improve your ecommerce marketing. 

Will You Review Our CMS (Content Management System or blog) ?

YES. We include them in our Demandware audit to make sure your website infrastructure is optimized. In order to make sure that your users are having the best digital experience, evaluating your CMS and meta tags is an added feature of our seo consulting for Demandware service. 

Do you work on b2c & B2b Websites?

YES. We work with both e-commerce entities. Whether your website is geared directly to customers or directly to another business, we can help figure out why search engines are holding your brand back. 

What is included in your SEO Audits?

Semantic Html and meta data

We audit your semantic HTML data checking to see that it is properly written for search engines. This way search engines aren’t stifling your traffic.

SERP Analysis 

We analyze the Search Engine Results Page comparing data in order to form a specialized strategy to increase your SERP ranking. 

URL Analysis

We run a URL analysis analyzing your domain and make sure that it is properly optimized for findability in search engines.


We include robot.txt audits in our site review. This means, we’ll make sure that search engines are not being blocked by mistake. And we check to see if the crawl budget is being wasted on pages that were not meant to be indexed in the first place.

Speed & Core Web Vitals

Another feature in our service is checking your website’s Speed & Core Web Vitals. We want to know how fast your website loads, especially since google is using this to rate your website’s performance.

Mobile & Desktop versions of a website

Understanding the functionality of the mobile and desktop version of your website is crucial to its overall performance and customer experience.

Optimization for Root & Long-tail keywords

We identify the best keywords to make sure that search engines aren’t hiding you from your competitors.

Duplicate content

We make sure that the same thing is not appearing more than once, wasting your crawler budget and hurting rankings.

Crawl Budget and Crawl Optimization

We increase SEO performance by looking at your crawl budget and reviewing whether or not search engines are able to crawl your website efficiently.

Part of our expert service is confirming that internal links are functioning properly, and verifying the optimization of your website’s architecture, including silos. It’s critical to have working links and buttons within a website.

Google Search Console

Google search console is a tool in our arsenal used to pinpoint issues and areas of growth based on the information kicked back to us.

Product Pages

Your Product Pages will be verified for optimization, that way search engines aren’t preventing your products from reaching its targeted audience. And it will increase overall user experience.

We perform a backlink analysis to make sure that your backlink connections have zero issues. In other words, we can determine if there are external search engine problems related to the content delivery network, or roadblocks, stopping traffic from reaching your site.

We work with your Digital Marketing Team

We want to help, and part of that is learning to work with all types of people, including your Digital Marketing Team. Your team will receive the necessary support in SEO related objectives for optimizing your findability in search engines.

Contact us today to see if we can help.

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