Strategic and Technical SEO Consultancy

Search Engine Architecture for Single Page Applications, Custom CMS’s, & SaaS Apps.

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As the web becomes more complex, search engines can’t always keep up with modern programming languages and frameworks. OhMyCrawl specializes making websites and web application search crawler friendly.

Digital Architecture For Search Engines

Technical SEO Consultant

Javascript SEO experts with a strong understanding of client and server side rendering

Website Architecture and Crawler experts

Semantic HTML & OnPage SEO Aficionados

Search Engine Optimization for
Modern Web Frameworks

Javascript SEO Audits

With ever increasing Javascript Apps on the web, OhMyCrawl has made it our specialty to work with SPA SEO, Vue js, Ember js, React SEO, and most JS frameworks.

Problem solve indexing issues

Sever-Side & Pre-Rendering Experts

Crawling Architecture refinement



Indexing & crawl budget is a constant issue in todays search engine environment, get pages indexed and ranking.

Semantic HTML

Property constructed SEO Semantic Markup is more important than ever. We’ll audit and review your current HTML layout.


OnPage SEO is a key factor in Search Engine rankings, we’ll make SEO recommendations down to a page level.

How our SEO Service Works

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Having search engine issues most SEO’s can’t wrap their head around? Relax, we are here to help.

Get In Touch with OhMyCrawl

We’ll review your website and let you know if we think we can help out.

Chat About Your SEO Needs

We arrange a call and dig deeper into your SEO needs and wants.

SEO Audit and Game Plan

We’ll come up with a custom SEO strategy just for your web app or website.

Why Choose Us


OhMyCrawl has more than 10 years experience in the digital space, working extensively with technical SEO issues and Enterprise SEO Audits.

Strong Track Record

We don’t talk the talk, we walk the walk, happy to share case studies and success stories with technical and international SEO consultant clients.


OhMyCrawls’s founder can actually program and personally performs our technical SEO audit services. Most SEO’s know nothing of how programming works and its impact on SEO.

Recent Training

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