Ember JS SEO: Google Crawler + Homepage Optimization for Search Engines

Ember Js is known a great choice of “ambitious developers”, EmberJs is an open-source, a friendly Javascript Framework that was first introduced in December of 2011 by Yehuda Katz. It is not often used for SEO but rather building rich js based UIs of modern web applications that work on any device

Overview of SEO for Ember and Search Engine Optimization

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EmberJS SEO follows Model-View-Viewmodel architecture which is suited to build large enterprise level, single or multi-page client-side applications js and ember Js managed to secure 4th place among the most widely used Javascript front-end frameworks in 2020.

Ember follows the principles of CoC( Convention over configuration ) and DRY ( Don’t Repeat Yourself) which means that it is highly opinionated and it avoids repeating the software patterns which makes the experienced developers choose it over other frameworks for non SEO use caes.

Javascript SEO for SPA & Single-Page Applications

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Ember SEO Prerequisites for Decentralized Server-side Rendering

Ember.js requires one to meet certain requirements before getting started

  • Latest Node.js TLS version installed
  • Npm/Yarn v5.2 or higher
  • Knowledge of JS

Ember’s Installation (According to Stack overflow & brombone)

EmberJs can be installed through npm with the command:

npm install -g ember-cli

And to check whether the installation is completed successfully or not, check it with the following command-

ember -v

As every coin has its two sides, Ember Js also comes with both its advantages and disadvantages for SEO.

Ember Pros for SEO, Search Engines and the Google Crawler:

  • Some Google Crawler Javascript problems.
  • EmberJs has well-developed and versatile add-ons making sure that you find what you need.
  • The Command-Line Interface allows to interact with the computer’s operation system
  • High Performance and faster rendering for SEO.
Hasbang and brombone have been known to help with JS SEO

It is very common that hashbang is known to fix your JS SEO homepage issues. We suggest seeing SEO docs on stack overflow for zeppelin.

URls and Sitemap for ember JS

These are a pain, you might have to use HTML5 to code them for search engine optimization.

is editing Ember web development for mobile apps with javascript that hard?

Authentication and most Ember web development for mobile apps is easy with ember. However it is hard to make it SEO friendly for server-side rendering.

Ember JS Cons for SEO, Search Engines and the Google Crawler:

  • It has a steep learning curve
  • Heaviest and most opinionated framework
  • Lacks the functionality of component reuse

EmberJs was created to build fully fledge enterprise-level applications which makes it a bit less flexible in comparison to lightweight and responsive frameworks and when compared with popular such as React.js it is quite surprising that it is not far behind in terms of functionalities so if you are looking for something new and conventional which has the potential to turn into a permanent solution. EmberJs can be your go-to. Good luck with your next app.

Ember js is a javascript that is is amazing for fullstack web development. However server-side rendering for search engine optimization is often an issue for most apps.

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