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We are SEO consultants and experts specializing in the optimization of ecommerce websites. Big or small, we want to help you.

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With increasing complications of search engines many modern programming languages and architecture can’t keep up. This puts your website at a disadvantage. Our expert team tackles this issue head on, optimizing your website and web applications making them search crawler friendly. We will dig into the nitty gritty to find out why search engines are holding your business back from its true potential.

Digital Architecture For Search Engines

Technical SEO
for NetSuite Consultant

Faceted navigation experts for your listings and other websites

Javascript rendering turn your website code into Search Engine Assets

We troubleshoot roadblocks to your crawler issues

Search Engine Optimization
for NetSuite Cloud Platforms

Javascript SEO Expert

As Javascript applications are increasing on the web, we have made it our priority to specialize in helping you succeed by working in the following: SPA SEO, Vue js, React SEO, and most other Javascript frameworks.

Raise content accessibility with demandware indexing solutions

Reduce web page load time

Refine your crawler architecture with SEO clarification



Maximize crawler rate and rankings, and increase indexing by restructuring your demandware website.



Stop wasting time with budget restrictions around indexing and crawler optimization. Start enjoying the rise of your index usage.

Semantic HTML

We want your SEO semantic markup to be integrated so search engines aren’t keeping you down. Your current NetSuite HTML will be carefully reviewed by our NetSuite experts.



The secret to your search engine rankings is OnPage SEO. You’ll receive comprehensive SEO consulting down to the last detail.


How our SEO Service Works

Get Started Right Away

Don’t delay your business’s potential by playing games with search engines. Grow your website the way it was meant to, and reach out to us. We have you covered so you can rest easy knowing you’re receiving expert solutions to your SEO issues.

Contact us for a Digital Transformation

After we’ve made contact with you. We’ll begin a comprehensive evaluation of your NetSuite website to pinpoint problem areas, and to let you know the best way we can help.

Discuss and Troubleshoot

After the evaluation, our NetSuite experts will contact you and discuss your SEO needs further. This way we can help you get on the path to optimizing the search engines so your business or website can thrive.

Individual SEO Game Plan

Now your dedicated team, we will create a customized plan of action aimed at increasing your search engine findability and fixing any issues we saw during the evaluation.

3 Reasons to Choose Us


With over 10 years of experience in the digital space, consulting others in SEO optimization, you can have peace of mind knowing you are with the experts.


We have plenty of case-studies behind our backs that we are more than willing to share with you. We want you to know, we mean business, and we have the testimonials to prove it.


One of the benefits that sets us apart from our competitors, is the fact that we are a technical SEO agency. We understand the back end of eCommerce platforms like NetSuite. Plus, we also know how to code which can go a long way in SEO optimization.

What is included in your SEO Audits?

Do you offer a log file analysis?

We will do an exhaustive review of your log files, scanning for issues with the crawler budget and your NetSuite store. We can determine from this analysis, if your budget is being wasted, and if search engines are blocking you. 

Will You Review Our CMS (Content Management System or blog) ?

We include a review of your CMS in our audits. It’s essential to make sure that your website’s architecture is optimized, so that your users can have the best digital experience. This is included in our consulting services. 

Do you work on b2c & B2b Websites?

We work with both B2C and B2B websites. Our job is to help figure out why search engines are blocking your ecommerce site from success, and help launch you into greatness. 

Semantic Html and Meta Data

If your semantic HTML and meta data aren’t optimized correctly, search engines will stifle your traffic. 

SERP Analysis 

We perform a SERP (search engine results page) analysis with up to date statistics to create a strategy for growing your website, and increase its ranking in the search engines. 

URL Analysis

We examine your domain to make sure that your URL is completely optimized for search engine accessibility.


We include robot.txt audits in our site review. This means, we’ll make sure that search engines are not being blocked by accident. We also check to see if the crawl budget is being wasted on pages that were not meant to be indexed in the first place. 

Website Speed & Core Web Vitals

Included in our auditing services, is the review of your speed and core web vitals. Search engines use data like this to rank websites on the web, so it’s important that your website’s performance is tip top. 

Mobile & Desktop versions of a website

It’s important that both the desktop and mobile versions of your website are correctly working. Maintaining your website’s architecture for both versions is vital to the user experience. 

Optimization for Main & Long Tail keywords

We identify the best keywords and phrases to make sure that search engines aren’t preventing you from being found. 

Duplicate Content

When content appears more than one, it wastes your crawl budget. We want to ensure that nothing is wasted for maximum exposure.

Crawl Budget & Crawl Optimization 

​​By reviewing your crawl budget and crawl optimization, we can determine if search engines are able to comb your website efficiently, leading to a higher level of search engine optimization. 

It’s critical that all the links and buttons in your website work. If not, it can become frustrating for visitors. We want your users to have the best experience to raise your chances of conversion, and also to verify the architecture of your website is optimized. 

Google Search Console

We use this as a tool in our audits to gather information. This is so we can locate areas of growth in your website or web application. 

Product Pages

We will verify your product pages for optimization, ensuring that everything is flowing seamlessly. This way we can make sure that technical problems are not interfering with your conversion rates, and that search engines aren’t preventing your product from reaching its audience. 

We perform an analysis of your backlinks to make sure there aren’t any issues. Through this, we can identify if there are any external search engine problems blocking traffic from interacting with your website. 

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