Node.js blog engine: Which platform is the best CMS for Node?

Node.js is an open-source server environment that is free to use and has the ability to run on multiple platforms making it the ideal programming language for creating CMS platforms that support different operating systems.

While creating a website, it is important to have a CMS that makes it easy to create and maintain the services provided by the company/organization to its customers. The article will explain a few of the most commonly used Mean Stack CMS’s for all the curious developers out there, that are still confused about the CMS platform to choose from.

  1. Strapi CMS

Strapi is undoubtedly one of the most widely used open-source Node.Js CMS, which means that the developer community can modify it according to their needs and all the new features will be available for others to use. It offers a highly powerful, self-hosted, and highly customizable API which makes it easier for developers to configure and create systematic web and mobile applications.


  1. Easy to use
  2. Flexibility allows developers to customize data schema
  3. Reduce development time


  1. Since it’s in the Alpha stage, it is a bit risky to rely on it for production
  2. Does not support Typescript, and does not have 2FA which is important from a security point of view.
  3. Hard to deploy on production servers such as AWS and Heroku

2. EnduroJs

EnduroJs is considered to be the most productive and minimalistic NodeJS CMS, It is quite neat, clean, fast and its modern architecture keeps on impressing the developers. The most notable feature about EnduroJs is that it requires almost zero set-ups and has a sophisticated admin panel. Despite being a small community, the CMS really impreses those who keep on using it.


  1. No clutter and useless features, everything to the point
  2. Easy to use and beautiful admin panel
  3. No set-up required, admin is auto-generated and it shares the frontend/backend templates


  1. Since it’s a small community, there are rarely any GitHub-commits
  2. Does not supports databases
  3. Not enough plugins 

3. is an open-source, modern NodeJs CMS that is developed on NodeJs and Mongo DB. It offers its unique and innovative segmentation technology that has the potential to transform the way how higher officials communicate with online customers. Other than an easy-to-use interface and a large number of plugins, It supports integrations covering over 1500+ applications.


  1. Integrates  easily with ESP and uses FB pixels to build some great ads
  2. Inbuilt features and functions help to understand the leads and needs
  3. Perfect tools to segment lead to selling to customers


  1. Not flexible enough in terms of customizing fonts and design.
  2. Poor customer support
  3. Pretty expensive for people that do not use their sites that often.

When it comes to CMS platforms that resemble WordPress the most, is the top contender that can be used as an alternative to WordPress. It is both enjoyable and productive for the developers and the fact that it is also a headless CMS makes it pretty easy to use. offers a special starters project kit for NodeJs and also offers the functionality to create Prismic projects using NodeJs.


  1. Easy to use, looks good and is affordable
  2. Extreme flexibility and good user experience.
  3. No restrictions on the choice of development tools and the ability to edit code online with developers.


  1. API and bandwidth quotas are not ideal, gets expensive for high traffic.
  2. Not proper documentation.
  3. Lacks in a number of pre-built samples and themes.

Choosing a tech stack that suits the website’s needs is as important as the services offered by the site and Node.Js is one of the best JS languages to build your site on and the above-mentioned CMS will help you on your journey of building the perfect website that you desire.

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