Deepcrawl vs Screaming frog : Whats the difference?

One of the most important part of the technical audit is web crawling, and with the availability of various tools in the market, it makes it harder to select one for your own website. Here we will be reviewing two of the best web crawlers out there in the market.

What is Deepcrawl?

DeepCrawl is an enterprise technical SEO platform that provides it’s users with all the necessary tools and integrations that will detect all the technical improvements and identify the harmful code errors through SEO testing automation.


  • Epic GUI response, making it easier to get insights
  • Find all the miniscule errors which may affect the SEO ranking of the page
  • Easy to use Dashboard  makes it easier to find information and make the necessary changes.


  • Less filtering of data clutters the important information
  • Sitemap generation takes time
  • A bit expensive when compared to other crawlers.

What is Screaming Frog?

Screaming Frog  SEO spider is a website crawler that helps websites improve their SEO by extracting information from the webpage and auditing for common SEO issue. The free version enables you to download and crawl 500 URLs without any extra cost whereas the premium version removes all the limitations thus offering unlimited insight into the webpage.


  • Offers same level of information as a custom crawler, thus saving hours of time
  • Easy to use UI
  • Can easily be integrated with Google Lighthouse and search console


  • Extra waiting time for larger websites
  • Cannot identify pages with duplicate or similar content
  • Not Beginner friendly, need to have a bit of technical SEO understanding.
  • May have trouble crawling SPA SEO driven websites.

Deepcrawl and Scream Frog both are the best that are out in the market and offering similar functionalities along with the same price range makes it a bit harder when it comes to comparing them. If you have the budget, you could go with either of these but, If the budget is tight, choose the one that will suit your website better as each has it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

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