Apostrophe CMS Review: Is this Open Source Blog & Website Builder Worth it?

In the age of digitalization, there has been a constant increase in the need for CMS ( Content Management System) for enterprise content management and web content management, and among the vast plethora of CMS available, we will be reviewing one of the most widely used enterprise management software called Apostrophe CMS, often called Apostrophecms.

What is Apostrophe CMS? Is the User Experience any Good?

Built as a powerful website builder tool; Apostrophe CMS offers its users in-context live editing along with dynamic visual design tools and offers seamless deployment depending upon the need to the enterprise content management system needs.

With a full-stack JS environment, the modern technology CMS brings a balance between the developer (which allows for object oriented programming) and the editor experience, which makes it feasible to maintain side projects and make businesses bloom.


  • Easy to understand administrative bar
  • Reduced feature development time
  • Built-in modules make it easy to develop new projects


  • Creates excessive widgets
  • A smaller ecosystem with less client SDK
  • Requires knowledge of recent technologies such as NodeJS, MongoDB, etc as compared to more popular languages such as PHP

How is its SEO performance? Does it play nice with Javascript?

The Apostrophe is made up of 100% of Javascript, both in the browser and the server which makes it possible for it to provide enhanced performance due to Node.JS’s asynchronous nature.

It provides its users the option to perform an SEO scan of the page to verify the good practices and its inbuilt functions check the page for whether the meta title, description, open graph title are all existing, unique, and have the right length.

Other than the basic checks, it improves the site’s SEO by checking for links with 404 responses along with various other checks that are vital for the site’s SEO

What are some websites built withopen-source apostrophe cms?

There are numerous websites built upon Apostrophe CMS, below are the list of a few of the most notable ones.

  1. P’unk Avenue
  2. HelloComputer
  3. Speed & function
  4. Nebula Labs
  5. Godfrey Dadich

There are various CMS available in the market, and before choosing; one should consider the needs of the company along with the target audience. Apostrophe CMS provides all the functionality that one requires from a CMS and it will keep on growing to become one of the most popular CMS in the industry.

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