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Vancouver, For the past 10 years I’ve been cultivating:

  • Test Based SEO – Some companies think that a one size fits all approach to SEO will work for everyone. Instead of focusing on cookie cutter solutions, we develop our SEO practices in-house based on the specific needs of the client to give a personalized solution to reach your goals as it pertains to the SEO needs of your business. 
  • Technical SEO – This is where the focus is put on how your webpage or website runs. This means making sure the pages load quickly, but also making sure that when Google crawls your site that everything works properly. 
  • Strategic SEO – Having a great looking website that runs well is fine, but that alone won’t drive traffic. Strategic SEO is all about maximizing the potential of your website and driving people to your business through organic traffic generation. 
  • Senior SEO Lead – As Senior SEO Lead I personally lead all the technology audits and work that goes on so that every project has my experience behind it. There’s no outsourcing to other staff that don’t have the knowledge and experience needed to produce quality results. 
  • Transparent SEO – Many companies wind up taking your money and promising results without showing any proof or providing any idea of how they plan to get those results. I believe in being transparent about our processes and how your business can be improved so that you know exactly where your money is going and why. 
  • Achieving Results within 90 Days – Our policy is to only take projects that we know we can produce excellent results for. If we can’t get the job done, we won’t take the job. So you can rest assured if we take on your project, we’re going to deliver.

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What Does Our Technical SEO Company Review?

Really, each website is unique and requires its own in depth analysis. However as a Technical SEO consultant we generally review:


It’s easy for most people to confuse indexing with page ranking. Indexing has nothing to do with a page’s ranking in the Google search results. Indexing is the process the search engine uses to add webpages to the data so that they come up in the results. If a webpage is full of errors, that makes it more difficult for the page to be indexed. Making sure that pages work properly so that they can be indexed is a big part of managing your technical SEO. In short, if the search engine doesn’t know you’re there, you won’t show up when people search. 

Internal Links & Website Architecture 

Internal links help to drive traffic on your website to important pages on the site. For instance, if a person is reading your homepage and they click on an internal link, it will take them to another page on your site. This makes it easier for visitors to navigate to where they would like to go or to find relevant information. 

Website architecture is all about making sure the actual layout of your website is designed in a way that is logical to search engines. Having similar content grouped together on your site makes it easier to understand, such as having all your services under their own category on the site. By making sure your internal links and website architecture function properly, we can improve how your site performs and ranks for search engines. 

Crawling Issues and Crawl Budget

Crawling is the way that your website gets added to the search engine such as Google and therefore if you’re experiencing issues with crawling then your website is not performing up to specs and is not being recognized by the search engine. Part of technical SEO is making sure that all of the pages on your website work and that the search engine has no problem finding you.

Most of the time when we encounter technical SEO issues that have to do with crawling they’re related to the code for your website. Minor inconsistencies in  code can make it to where a page is unavailable and therefore cannot be crawled by Google. While we can’t control what the search engine does, we can control how your website performs and our Vancouver SEO team is here to make sure your website performs at its best.

Your crawl budget is a reference to the number of pages that Google index is from your website on a daily basis. crawling issues can impact this number severely to where new pages from your side or not being added properly to the search index a. What this means is that Google doesn’t see all of your pages and therefore you don’t show up in the search. when you’re trying to rank higher in the SERP, it’s important that Google recognizes and indexes all of your pages and content properly, 

Semantic Html and Metadata

When it comes to how your page looks, most people think that presentation is all that matters. The truth is, there’s more to building a webpage than just presentation. Semantic HTML is essentially The instructions that tells the browser how to display your web page. Special markings within the code Tell the browser what each section of the page is supposed to do such as indent a paragraph, display charts, graphs and other images or to give specific instructions. Our SEO agency in Vancouver is here to help make sure the semantic Html displays your page in a way that is both user friendly and easy for the browser to understand and display. 

Metadata is the data within the data of your webpages and displays information and elements of a page that are crucial for a search engine to find, index, and display page results properly. Without proper metadata your page won’t show up in the search results as it is supposed to, meaning you may not be able to be found by your target audience. 

Structured Data

Structured data is very similar to metadata in that it interacts with the search engine to help it categorize a webpage. Whereas metadata is tied to hidden elements on a webpage, structured data is tied to what is on a webpage. If your structured data is done right, it will tell the search engine exactly what your page is, what’s on it, and where it should go in the index. For example, the structured data for a recipe will look different from a product page for a new skateboard and Google has to be able to tell the difference. 

We use our knowledge of SEO to make the most of semantic html, metadata, and structured data to produce better results for page indexing and page ranking. 

Mobile & Desktop versions of a website

If you’re not into SEO or website design then you may not realize that the desktop and mobile or phone versions of a website function entirely differently. Page layout, loading speed, and many other factors have to be optimized depending on how the webpage is being used and if you don’t have it optimized the right way, it can ruin the customer experience. 

At our Vancouver agency we know what makes the different versions of a website function properly and we make it our priority to make sure your SEO and page design are tailored to capture the maximum amount of your target audience. In fact not having your website tuned for mobile users could be causing you to lose a lot of business. Most research shows that more than 50% of users view websites on their phone or other mobile device. 

Website Speed & Core Web Vitals

When it comes to how Google looks at your website, it has a specific set of criteria that it grades sites on and this can impact page ranking and overall visibility on the web. 

The criteria that Google uses to judge your website are known as your core web vitals. These are factors based on website speed and user interaction and experience. 

The three core vitals are: loading time, speed of interactivity, and visual stability or layout. These three things impact how easy it is to navigate your website, how fast things load, and how well everything is put together to be understandable by both users and search engines. 

Before you even consider your search results, you need our team of technical SEO experts to make sure your website is optimized by making sure your core vitals are performing well. 

Lighthouse and Core Web Vitals

Along with Core Web Vitals, Google released another tool known as lighthouse that measures website performance using similar metrics to that of core web vitals. However, instead of just showing you your website’s stats, Lighthouse can actually provide you with tips to improve the performance of your website. 

By combining core web vitals, Lighthouse and our own technical SEO experts, we can take your website’s performance to the next level and help ensure that when users visit your site, they have a great experience that will keep them coming back. 

SERP Analysis

SERP stands for “search engine results page” and performing a search analysis means comparing your site in the search results to top performers to see what can be done differently to improve your ranking. 

Our SEO team is able to evaluate your existing results and compare them to the top results in your field to make dramatic improvements in your overall SEO and your page ranking. 

Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is a tool that Google gives website administrators to see reports about how their site performs in search results. Using the data and reports available, it is possible to improve your site’s ranking and performance in search. 

If you’re not familiar with the Google Search Console or how it works, don’t worry our team has all the knowledge necessary to take the information from Google and improve your SEO and overall performance. 

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These are just a few of the tools and services that we provide to clients in Vancouver and beyond. If you’re ready for a personalized approach to your website’s SEO with transparent methods and proven results, then contact us today to get started.

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