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As search engines become more competitive, most programmers and in-house marketers can’t keep up with the constant changes needed to promote their application in organic search. A strategic SEO expert is often needed to push organic search visibility to the next level. Face facts, what worked just 2 years ago is no longer effective today in search engine optimization.

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SaaS Technical SEO

Javascript SEO consultants with a unparalleled understanding of server side and client side rendering.

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Strategic SEO for
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In addition, our team takes into account strategic SEO needs for organic search. Ecommerce needs are often very different from a B2B application.

Acceleration of Content Rankings in the SERPs

SEO Content Marketing for SaaS driven sales funnel

Optimization of Search Engine facing Web Apps


Architecture & Structure

Website architecture and interlinking optimization to increase visibility in the SERPs.


Troubleshoot indexing and crawl issues to accurate growth of organic traffic.

Semantic HTML

Audit current HTML conditions to acceleration growth in search engines.

OnPage SEO

If basic cornerstone Onpage SEO issues are not addressed, simply put, your business will not see organic growth.

How Our SaaS SEO Services Work

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Reach Out with your SaaS website

We’ll review your company website and let you know if we can help out.

Chat About Your SEO Needs

We’ll hop on a call and dig deeper into where your organization is struggling from an organic search perspective.

SEO Game Plan

If all goes well, we start an SEO audit for your app and put together a game plan.

Why Choose Our SaaS SEO Agency?


We’ve been in the organic search space for nearly 10 years and have seen just about everything.

Strong Track Record

We live and breathe SEO and are happy to share case studies.


With the growing popularity of Javascript, we are fully aware of the ups and downs of SPA for SEO with these types of frameworks.

What is SaaS SEO?

SaaS SEO is the process of gaining organic search traffic for Software as a Services websites. For example, you can rank for highly related keywords on your company’s blog or landing pages related to your product.

In our experience there are three types of SaaS SEO strategies. 

Content Driven (Content Marketing)

Content marketing is basically when you write a blog full of helpful information around your service offering.  Most SEO for SaaS companies tend to offer a service similar to this one.

For example, if your App offers some kind of lead generation, your team can possibly write a lot of helpful sales information on your blog. Within the content you can bring up how your tool will make xyz sales process a lot easier.

Each of these articles can target keywords that are likely to convert readers into customers.

While content quality is important, lets face it, we’ll all seen a lot of low quality content ranking on the internet. Without SEO optimization, chances are your content will sit in the depths of the internet. 

Landing Page Driven

A landing page is a page where you drive leads and sales. This is also called a “squeeze page” or “sales Page.” 

The general idea is that you rank one of these pages in Google or another search engine. The user visits the page and buys your product or signs up for your mailing list.   FOr the page where you describe your product or try to sell it would be a good candidate. 

Search Engine Facing Application Driven 

A lot of times SaaS companies will make some kind of free helpful tool. For a page with thousands of pages and contains some kind of useful information. 

As an easy example, you might scrape all the different types of company metrics about their value on the stock market. Each company can have its own page you potentially rank in Google. 

Some percentage of the users who read/use your free tool will sign up for your app. 

Saas Company SEO Tools & Software

In terms of SEO tools that we use, we tend to lean to all the usual suspects. 

  • Ahrefs
  • Screaming Frog
  • Cora 
  • Search Console
  • Google Analytics

In our opinion, these are the only tools you need to perform SEO at a high level. A lot of the time it’s not the tools you use, but rather how you interpret the data. 

What is included in our SaaS SEO Audits and Consulting?

Generally we like to layout a game plan that really pushes sites forward.  We do not make a list of “nice to haves” but rather clear roadblocks that are holding websites back.  

We noticed many competitive audits are filled with information that looks ‘pretty’ but doesn’t actually do anything. 

What Technical Items do we look over?

Our agency is pretty strong with technical SEO, therefore this is one of the first things we look at. If from a technology standpoint your website is not up to snuff, it’s very unlikely that you will be rewarded with organic traffic from search engines.

URL Analysis

A lot of frameworks, javascript or not, create a lot of ‘crazy’ urls that do not help search engines. Ideally URLs should be considered and easy to understand. 

What you do and index on your website can have a huge impact on search engine traffic. Furthermore, there are a lot of easy mistakes that can be made in this file rendering your website useless.

Website Speed & Core Web Vitals

Website speed is taken into account during our audits. The same goes for Core Web Vitials. While it is unlikely that everything will be “perfect,” especially for apps that are custom built, there is a threshold you want to stay above before it starts to impact rankings. 

For example, a WordPress blog for your website that uses an ‘out of the box’ theme and something custom built will have two very different sets of speed & performance issues to deal with when it comes to SEO. 

Mobile & Desktop versions of a website

Nowadays it’s super important that both versions (for mobile devices & desktop) of your app are optimized. Currently we run our crawlers on Googlebot smartphone and desktop. 

Meaning, we analyze the mobile and desktop version of your website separately. 

The reason why we do this is that Google now has two different indexes that are ‘counted differently.’  Meaning the mobile version of Google and desktop account for websites differently in their rankings.

Log File Analysis 

In some cases we may need to review your server logs. Seeing which pages search engine bots, such as Googlebot, are paying attention to or completely ignoring. 

For pages that are of high importance, but will not get much traction in the SERPs, this may be because they are being completely ignored by search bots. Log files are a great way to figure out if this is infact taking place or not. 

Semantic HTML and Metadata

Quite often for custom built websites the fully rendered HTML and meta data is not ideal for search engines.  We analyze your website for the most current html5 semantic tags for seo.

Often these tags on websites are misplaced, forgotten or incorrectly used. 

Structured Data

We also review your websites structured data, the type of metadata that is written in JSON.

Crawl Budget & Crawl Optimization 

Especially with large scale websites, crawling is almost always an issue.   There is often an important page or large section of a website that is not being properly indexed or optimized. 

With proper interlinking structure or figuring out which sections of a website search engines are ignoring, we can piece together how to increase a website’s crawl rate. 

How a website is structured and built is critical.   Quite often how pages are interlinked will influence rankings. 

For example, you can interlink a section of your website that talks about a single topic, all these pages being linked together will signal to search engines that you are an authority on the subject.

In addition, this will help with the crawlability of your website. In addition, spreading authority (power from backlinks) throughout your website. 

Google Search Console

Search Console often provides a lot of insight to search engine problems. It’s in the same family of tools with Google Analytics, except this one is more search engine focused. A lot of times Google will simply tell you there is a problem to be addressed. 

However, fixing their problems and correctly interpreting this data is where you need an experienced SEO.  For example, their documentation on how to address a search engine roadblock might be flat out wrong. 

That said, it is still one of the most useful tools available. We use it every single day.

Lighthouse and Core Web Vitals

We should point out we use Lighthouse quite a bit to pin point problems with Core Web Vitals. Search Console will also flag these types of issues, however we find Chrome lighthouse really helps identify issues that are easy to miss.

Which Programming Languages Do We Work With?

We work with any professional programming language. We are also Javascript experts.

We generally work with:

  • CSS
  • Pearl
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • Python
  • etc

All the usual suspects.

Will You Review Our CMS (Content Management System or blog) ?

Absolutely, we’ll review your companies CMS. Generally speaking, for most SaaS apps their blog is a huge driver of organic traffic. Therefore we always include the blog in our audits. 

Do you work on b2c & B2b Websites?

Yes, most of the apps we work with are in the B2B space. In addition we use a lot of online SaaS tools in one way or another and are very similar with the needs of this market. 

That said, there are a few B2C apps we have worked with. They are simply less common.

General SaaS SEO

In addition to all the fancy stuff and CMS organic search development, we’ll deep dive into ‘normal’ non tech marketing stuff.

SERP Analysis 

For your key pages, we’ll review all the current rankings and any areas we can leverage for stronger SEO rankings.

Optimization for Main & Long Tail keywords

In SERP analysis, we take into account both main and long tail keywords. This is especially true when we develop content plans for SaaS companies. 

A lot of times the longer tail keywords will help gain early traction and conversations in an SEO campaign.  In a sense, they ‘build up’ to main keywords.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is sometimes a problem with certain businesses. Where they repeat the same information over and over in a non-useful way.   Our tools can help identity if this is in fact an issue that is holding back your website in organic search. 

Backlinks are the most analysited thing by both Search engines and marketing folks. Search Engines are fully aware this is an ‘easy way’ to game the system. Therefore they are alway making this area of SEO more and more complex. 

We analyze this area to make sure best practices are being followed and no obvious “spammy” behavior is taking place.

Backlinks are important for all measures of websites. 

The best way to think about it is where is your SEO currently lacking? Is it currently lacking in Authority? Meaning all competing websites according to a tool such as Ahrefs have a lot of domain authority or Domain Rating? If that’s you may need to build backlinks to your website. 

For example, if you are a DR 3 and all competing websites in your marketplace are around DR 70, you’ll have to close the gap and “catch up to them”

Where most company owners get in trouble is that they build a lot of low quality backlinks. Simply put not all backlinks are created the same, some can actually hurt your business.

In most cases, you are better off chasing high quality backlinks. For example, a decent site that is actually related to your business. 

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