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Hey! I’m Scott. In my 10 years or so as a Technical SEO Consultant, I’ve learned that even expert developers often make the following mistakes with programming languages for Search Engine Optimization:

  • Tank Websites with Javascript
  • Kill Search Engine crawl budget
  • Create Duplicate Content 
  • Create Websites Google simply doesn’t like
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As a result, the technical SEO methods our company uses to rank large scale websites and ecommerce stores in search engines different largely depending on how the web application was built or programming language used.  For example our SEO approach for a custom CMS built largely in Javascript, is different from an application with millions of pages built with Python. 

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What is Tech SEO? Why is it important for search engine optimization

A technical SEO specialists is a professional whom will make your website technically optimized, allowing for Google and other search engines to better understand your website. This involves increasing crawl & index rates for searchBots, improved website architecture, speed, etc, all in an effort for both Humans and robots to better understand your website.

Contrary to popular belief, what a Technical SEO Consultant or firm does is much more than simply increasing site speed for a content management system or eCommerce store. 

Instead, it has to do with the technical development of modern websites, eCommerce stores and applications, making them more SEO friendly. Meaning developers, while often very talented and true experts, are simply unaware of the search engine optimization implications of their production code in search engines. 

Common Technical SEO mistakes:

  • Duplication of pages with unclear SEO Canonical’s setup.
  • Unclear website architecture causing crawl errors 
  • Production of pages that are not able to index in search engines
  • Javascript based web solutions that Search engines are unable to crawl.
  • Boated website code not ideal for technical SEO
  • Technical Indexing Issues
  • Large sections of website will not rank
  • Penalty from Google or Bing
  • Not set up for mobile devices 

Your website or ecommerce SEO is the foundation of all your Search Engine Optimization efforts. If your technical SEO is not set up property, you will not see results in the Search Engines. 

If there is a technical or on-page SEO issue holding back your rankings, in many cases backlinks lose their effectiveness.   For instance, a well optimized backlink will rarely fix a crawl issue in search engines such as Google, and you’ll need the help of a technical SEO agency. 

In many cases there may be critical website technical errors holding back your search engine efforts.  This is where a technical SEO consultant can help.

Offpage SEO (backlinking) is a ranking factor, however our consulting tends to focus on onPage issues and technical problems. As, there are all areas 100% under your control and much less likely to be penalized. 

This does not mean your website doesn’t have a backlink issue, both need to be analyzed by an expert or professional, or even a Technical SEO Consultant.

Removal of Spam

In our expert Technical SEO audits we take web spam into account. This can be in the form of a backlink, or content that is low quality. 

Types of Organization we work with and offer technical SEO Services :

Our technical SEO consultant services are set up to help the following types of organizations:


Depending on the organization and needs, we generally offer ongoing SEO audits or whatever the project calls for. For instance, there may be a handful of technical issues you may want to test the effectiveness of. 

Normally, for these types of projects we recommend a technical SEO Audit services from one of our staff consultants. 

Medium Sized Company and Organizations

Our experts love to work one on one with business owners with that are established businesses and understand the value of SEO. Clearly we also work with medium size organizations too.

Often for these types of companies we offer ongoing SEO services from myself or staff technical SEO consultants.

​​Enterprise SEO

As a Technical SEO Consultant, we work with large scale organizations that use complex technical CMSs such as salesforce and other programming frameworks with technical SEO issues. 

Often with enterprise we manage a section of the website or Enterprise SEO Audits, or identify large scale technical SEO problems that hold back search engine efforts. 

Here are the Technical SEO Specialists services we offer:

Javascript Search Engine Optimization

As Javascript becomes more popular, all technical seo consultants must learn Javascript. It is imperative that the JS on your web prosperity or ecommerce store is set up to be crawlable in search engines. In short the vast majority of developers unknowingly make use of javascript and similar programming languages functions that are not SEO friendly. 

For instance, a developer may create a series of non SEO friendly links that are not crawlable by a search engine, making it impossible for Google  to discover inner pages of a website or ecommerce store.

Server-side rendering for SEO

A good Technical SEO Consultant will constantly test. According to our SEO testing, standard html and frameworks that take advantage of server side rendering outperform in search engines then any type of front end or DOM rendering systems.  

For example, a node.js templating system is often more ideal than stand-alone React JS for technical SEO.

Meaning, if you can take advantage of server side rendering frameworks, such as PHP, Python, etc, you’ll often have a stronger performance in terms of pure HTML output, therefore your SEO efforts will be stronger in search engines.

Common technical SEO issues with server-side rendering for Search Engines

Important Semantic HTML tags for SEO may not present, or worse, html tags may be created that are in non-indexable zones. Meaning, when content is updated, it may not is be visible to search engines and will therefore hurt your organic efforts.

Pre-rendering Frameworks for SEO

Pre-rendering frameworks such as, rendertron and puppeteer are possible solutions for applications that have been developed in front end frameworks. However according to our technical SEO testing serversider frameworks tend to outperform these types of javascript based solutions. 

That said, if your SEO driven application or eCommerce store is produced largely in a front end javascript based framework, we do have strategies to increase the searchability in search engines of these development environments and programming languages. 

Website Architecture & Crawling ​

A technical SEO consultant is especially important for large scale SEO driven applications and eCommerce stores. The technical architecture of your website is critical. It impacts the crawling of your content or application and therefore search engine traffic.  

In short, by increasing the search engine crawlability of your website you can dramatically increase the amount of organic traffic to your website. 

Lighthouse, Core web Vitals & Speed

In addition to the more technical SEO aspects of your website, we can help you pinpoint where you need to increase website speed for organic SEO performance. 

In modern day development with any programming languages, it is impossible to optimize all aspects of your website, ecommerce store or application. Instead it is more valuable to focus on speed areas that actually will increase your search engine  and SEO performance. 

Light House & Core Web Vitals Optimization

One of the newer factors added to the Google algorithm is Core Web Vitals. According to our Search Engine testing, many aspects of this algorithm update are overrated and provide little impact. 

However, we do recommend optimization for the following SEO factors:

Any ‘movement’ of Elements and User Experience. 

Meaning, as the page loads, an element (such as a form, ad, etc) moves from one part of the page to another. As this provides a poor user experience and Google is able to identify these types of errors, and therefore it will impact your SEO efforts. 

Overall poor performance

While most webmasters focus on speed for SEO, many forget about the overall performance of your website or eCommerce store. 

For example, how long does it take before the first <p> tag on your website executes?This is an aspect most technical SEO consultants overlook. 

Use LightHouse To Identify Errors

A helpful tool every technical seo expert should add to their tool box is Lighthouse. It helps identity errors outside of Search Console is Chrome’s Lighthouse. Generally speaking it gives a helpful list of errors to reverse engineer and improve upon to help improve performance. 

Speed Optimization

Similar to Core Web Vitals, speed is officially a ranking factor in search engine optimization. There is however a point of diminishing returns for your technical SEO efforts. 

Instead we recommend identifying and focusing on aspects that are holding back organic SEO rankings. 

Mobile Optimization for Technical SEO

Mobile optimization is more critical than most webmasters realize, not only for a healthy user experience, but for indexing. 

If your website or application is returning mobile errors in Search Console or Core Web Vitals, likely it will also have an issue with indexing during a crawl. 

This is due to Google’s mobile first indexing parameters. If a page is not mobile friendly, it’s possible content updates will not be detected, therefore it will impact how search engines view your website, negatively impacting your organic SEO efforts.

Content Management System Optimization

In the age of SEO where content marketing is King (or Queen?) it is vital that your CMS matches the performance metrics of any modem framework. 

Namely, you do not want your content management system to be bloated with any type of functionality or code that is unnecessary for your search engine optimization or technical needs. 

Tech SEO Experts for Custom CMS’s

While we frequently work with Custom CMS’s, a common pitfall that we find is that content development is largely dependent on developers, slowing down digital marketing efforts. 

Meaning, it is critical that your content marketing team does not depend on developers to update make SEO updates to a piece of content or push an article live. 

In today’s SEO environment, it is often critical that you can make search engine optimization updates on the fly. 

SEO Common Content Management System Issues

Quite Frankly, custom CMS’s suffer from the same technical SEO issues as any modern made website, eCommerce store or web framework. 

Generally speaking, while very talented, many developers are simply unaware of the technical SEO implications of search performance and search engine optimization. 

While popular CMS such as WordPress have their SEO issues and are by no means a perfect solution, they are often a strong alternative to Custom content management system setups. 

A bottleneck of Custom CMSs is the development time. For example, you do not want to wait 6 months before you can publish a single blog post or make an SEO update.  Followed by another 4-6 months of debugging the issues of the custom content management system.

Another advantage to WordPress is that it well known to content marketing professionals. Meaning there are already an army of people familiar with the platform. 

Ideal WordPress Development Environment for Search Engines. 

Instead, we recommend using wordpress in a sub-folder of your domain. Meaning, you have two applications: your front end application that is is your main product offering and in a subfolder your marketing team can easily manage a blog. 

Largely, the same approach as WordPress. You must make sure you avoid developing a boated CMS, while taking advantage of an existing framework. 

Ecommerce Stores

In addition to Content management systems and custom websites our technical SEO consultant staff will work with eCommerce stores. 

We have SEO specialists for all the usual suspects including Shopify, Magneto, BigCommerce, Demandware, NetSuite, etc

SEO Volatility Issues

A problem that is becoming more and more common is volatility. Meaning, your rankings jump all over the place, often on a daily basis. 

For example, one day you might be on page on, the next day your jump to page two, another day you rank really high, etc. 

Often, these issues have to do with onpage performance. Meaning it’s possible to correct with troubleshooting.

Programming languages We Work With

Really, we work with all Programming languages, after all the most important language in terms of SEO is HTML. It really comes down to how the HTML is rendered. 

But to list a few: 

  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Python 
  • Ruby
  • Pearl
  • Etc

Where is your team located?

We have team members around the world. Including but not limited to Brooklyn, Chicago, Vancouver and many other places 😀

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