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Hey! I’m Scott! A Chicago Technical SEO Consultant specializing in helping companies who are “stuck” in search engines.

If your company isn’t growing as fast as it should or you can’t seem to get ahead of your competitors, it might be time to give us a shout.

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Chicago business, For the past 10 years I’ve been cultivating:

  • Test Based SEO –  No one-size-fits-all solutions. For all Chicago based and world wide clients, I’ve developed my own proprietary SEO methodology and continuously test and re-test using real world scenarios.
  • Technical SEO –  Optimize the technical aspects of your website for search engines. The backend of your site matters. My team and I understand how things like single-page applications and JavaScript affect your organic SEO rankings.
  • Strategic SEO – On-page and technical SEO are important, but hyper growth can only happen when those aspects are paired with a plan for expanding opportunities for organic traffic.
  • Senior SEO Lead – I lead all technology audits and SEO strategy sessions. You never have to worry about being handed off to an inexperienced account manager or Jr SEO.
  • Transparent SEO – Open and honest communication about where we’re at, what’s next, and where we’re aiming to go.   
  • Achieving Results within 90 Days – It has to be the right fit.  My team of technical SEO consultants and I will only partner with clients who are ready to change their approach and skyrocket their business. We’ll only take on your project if we’re sure we can deliver growth.

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Our SEO Results Speak for Themselves

Wondering what fixing javascript rendering errors, internal architecture and generating trust looks like?

Well, this site in the finance niche should give you a pretty good idea:

Why wait, the first strategy session is free.

What Does Our Technical SEO Company Review?

Really, each website is unique and requires its own in-depth analysis. When you hire me as your SEO consultant I will generally review:


Can your page be found by search engines? If Google doesn’t know your webpage exists it’s impossible to turn up in organic search results, let alone rank highly.

Internal Links & Website Architecture 

Is your website structured in an organized, logical way (and do all your links work)? Having related content nested together with functioning internal links between such content helps search engines better understand your pages. Let us make sure your pages are categorized in alignment with SEO best practices.  Do you have an internal linking strategy? Your SEO consultant, can help you define one. Internal links are important for helping crawlers understand your site’s hierarchy, pass ranking power between your pages, and discover newly added content.

Crawling Issues and Crawl Budget

You want search engines to crawl and index your webpages as efficiently as possible. Large sites with sizable page counts can be too much for a search engine to crawl at one time, leading to misused crawl budgets and adversely impacted SEO performance. A crawl budget is the number of pages that can be indexed within a set period of time.  Once your crawl budget has been spent crawlers will move on to other sites. If your pages aren’t being crawled, they aren’t indexed, and therefore can’t appear in search results.  Crawl budget, and crawling issues generally, are often discussed, but widely misunderstood SEO concepts.  Let our team of technical SEO experts help you determine if crawl budget is relevant to your website and best practices for optimizing it.

Semantic Html and Metadata

Search engines aren’t smart enough to read your pages verbatim. HTML semantics and metadata aren’t user facing, but they are search engine facing and are an integral part of helping search engines effectively understand your content. Did your developer employ SEO friendly semantic markup?  Web developers aren’t always aware of the way in which code structure affects search. Small backend mistakes can oftentimes be overlooked when they don’t impact the function of a website, but those insignificant errors can have a negative impact on your SEO performance. This is where a technical consultant can step in to increase search engine visibility and optimize your current SEO strategy.

Structured Data

Are you employing structured data to help search engines easily classify and display your content?  We can troubleshoot and improve your current markup. Structured data and rich results are becoming more and more important in SEO and if you want to compete for the top-ranking results positions it’s imperative you’re not ignoring this powerful markup language.  Not sure where to start or unsure of your implementation strategy, let us help. 

Mobile & Desktop versions of a website

Did you know mobile and desktop SEO are different? Many search engines are moving to mobile-first indexing so it’s important that your mobile pages are built in a search engine friendly way. Mobile-first indexing means that the mobile version of your pages is what is being indexed by search engines even if you have separate mobile and desktop URLs.

Website Speed & Core Web Vitals

Load time and core web vitals are standardized ways of measuring your website’s performance based on real-world user data. A clunky site will hold you back from ranking highly.  My team of consultants and I can help you identify, troubleshoot, and correct problem areas.

Lighthouse and Core Web Vitals

Google Lighthouse is an invaluable tool for optimizing your core web vitals. Lighthouse scores are emulated based on a single, controlled test which is the optimum environment for uncovering code problems at the heart of site performance issues. Monitoring, maintaining, and continuously striving to enhance website functionality is key to any effective SEO strategy. 

SERP Analysis

A competitive analysis of search engine results pages for your specific industry and keywords. What are top ranking sites doing that we can learn from?  What strategies can we employ to break into the top spots? Any good SEO strategy audit starts here. 

Google Search Console

We’ll use Google’s own tools to measure your site’s search performance and use the results to identify difficulties and areas of opportunity.  As technical SEO experts, we can help you better understand the reports generated by Search Console and use them to enhance your ranking and make strategic decisions about how your content appears on search results pages.

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We won’t promise you a quick fix or a secret hack for landing in Google’s top results. What my team and I can promise is industry expertise and a deep technological understanding.  SEO is an ever-changing landscape and it is nearly impossible for marketers and programmers to keep up with the growing sets of rules, best practices, and markup languages that must be considered in order to maximize organic search visibility.  As a technical consultant serving the Chicago area, I can step in as a trusted partner to help navigate SEO roadblocks. My Chicago-area team will save you both time and money by pinpointing problem areas through precision focused audits, providing expert technical guidance on correcting identified issues, and devising a strategy to reach your organic search goals that is in line with industry standards and best practices. 

Technical SEO is the foundation of all your search optimization efforts. Your off-page and backlink SEO programs will never reach their full potential without sound on-page practices to support them.  My team and I offer consultation services to businesses of all sizes from start-ups looking to test the best architecture for their site, to mid-size organizations needing ongoing audits and strategy guidance, all the way up to enterprise clients requiring site maintenance within complex CMS and programming frameworks.  

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