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Hey everyone! Thanks for subscribing to my newsletter; it is something I’ve been wanting to launch for a while now. Forgive me in advance, I’ll be playing around with the format as the newsletter progresses.

Anywho, I’m Scott, and I’ve been in the SEO game for around 10 years now.

I primarily focus on Strategic and Technical SEO and am often called upon to handle challenging tasks like recovering from Google penalties.

SEO Weather Report

Something I’ve personally always wanted is an update on SEO volatility. Even when updates are not publicly announced by Google, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of craziness in the SERPs.

I’ve been watching the SEM Rush Volatility sensor pretty carefully for the past few weeks. News and entertainment websites have been getting hammered lately:

In general there is a lot of weirdness in the SERPs, for example a lot of clients I work with are seeing “double” results. Meaning, they might see two different URLs on their website ranking for the same keyword.

One of my collages shared with me a pretty good post from Barry Schwartz on how there was an update right before the new year.

Conspiracy Theory

This is my personal conspiracy theory that I have no data to back up. A lot of the folks who work at Google where on vacation.

They are not making any more major changes until next year and are letting current updates roll out/continue. After all, who wants to push a major fix right before going away?

I go to the gym down the block from Googles office in NYC and haven’t seen anyone that works there for a few weeks now.

It’s almost like they hit the “on” button and walked away for a few weeks. To be continued…

Scotty’s Hot Pick of the Week

Moving forward in this section my goal is to share something truly interesting and can possibly change the way you implement or understand SEO. Sometimes it might be the latest news, other times it might be an interesting older article or video I believe you’ll find useful.

In SEO, I find there is too much shiny object syndrome. Even if a concept is a year or two old, if it still holds up, I’m going to share what I’m personally revisiting or learning about.

SGE Webinar from Onely

Onely put on a really great webinar about SGE before the new year:

Some quick notes I found interesting:

  • SGE uses a different Algorithm than ‘normal’ Google.
  • The webinar was a bit eCommerce focus, my guess is that is what Onely focuses on.
  • To rank in SGE, they have a really great framework for making sure you cover an entire topic.
  • Don’t forget about reviews, SGE can pull data about your products/brand.

Scotty’s quick thoughts

In my opinion, this is going to be great for smaller, more nimble SEOs. Over the years Google is providing more and more spots we can sneak into.

For example, there is currently Video Snippets, People Also Asked features, Featured Snippet, etc.

It’s one more place we can break into before larger, more authoritative companies figure it out.

Other News

Baidu Ranking Factors for 2024

Alas, I used to study Mandarin in China and I have a soft spot for anything Chinese. A few SEOs put together a pretty comprehensive data study:


Scottys thoughts

Granted I haven’t work with Baidu in a bit, but my biggest takeaway is that it is strikingly similar to Google and stuff outside of China is hard to rank 😀

Volatile Is The New Normal: A Year Of Updates


Kevin Indig put together a pretty good break down of all the updates that happened over the year. To put it lightly its been a crazy amount of updates in 2023.

Scotty’s thoughts

More updates are coming. SEOs that only follow “best practices” and are not good problem solvers are in trouble. The last thing you want in this new environment is to follow an easy checklist produced by a SEO guru from 5 years ago.

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