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Hey! I’m Scott and I’m a Multilingual SEO consultant based in the United States.

My team and I have helped multiple companies grow their web presence across international borders and break into new language markets.

We’ve implemented multi-lingual and multi-regional SEO strategies for sites targeting new growth within South American, European, Norwegian, and Asian markets.

We’re continuously expanding the list of countries we work within and never shy away from analyzing new demographic and cultural systems in order to develop and implement strategies that best fit where and how you’re looking to grow.  

If your company is seeking a strategic approach to International and Multilingual SEO we’d love to chat. My team and I are bilingual speakers (I speak Mandarin) with a deep technical understanding of SEO and a test-based approach that drives results. 

Let’s chat, the first strategy session is free.

What makes our SEO consulting different?

  • Technical SEO – How your site is built matters. We can help you understand how things like single-page applications and JavaScript affect your organic rankings. Our staff’s tech backgrounds make us the ideal partners for auditing your backend code, website architecture, and server setup to maximize crawling and indexing efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Test Based SEO – No one-size-fits-all solutions. I’ve developed my own proprietary SEO methodology and our in-house quality assurance team continuously tests and re-tests our strategies using real world scenarios.
  • Strategic SEO – On-page and technical SEO are important, but hyper growth can only happen when those aspects are paired with a plan for expanding opportunities for organic traffic. We strive to think outside-the-box and discover growth avenues your competitors have missed.
  • Senior SEO Lead – I lead all technology audits and strategy sessions. You never have to worry about being handed off to an inexperienced account manager who’s never built a website.
  • Transparent SEO – We guarantee open and honest communication about where we’re at, what’s next, and where we’re aiming to go.
  • Achieving Results within 90 Days – It has to be the right fit.  My team and I only partner with clients who are ready to change their approach and expand their business. We’ll only take your project on if we’re sure we can deliver growth.

Want to know if we can help? Why wait?… Get in touch today 

What is Multilingual SEO?

Multilingual SEO refers to the practice of implementing SEO best practices on your site across multiple languages.  Basically, if you’re looking to launch your site in a second or third language, we can help make sure your content appears in organic search results for your new market. Multilingual SEO and International SEO are often considered interchangeable terms.  While that is mostly appropriate, International SEO focuses on location first and may or may not take multiple languages into consideration.

What’s Included In Your Multilingual SEO Service?

When providing multilingual seo services, each service agreement is custom built to meet client specific goals. However, we generally cover: 

Technical Audits 

Can your site host multiple languages? Can a search engine determine which page version is intended for each language you serve? These are the two basic technical building blocks that must be present in order to implement a Multilingual SEO strategy.  Mistakes at this stage can be costly and time consuming to correct if not caught quickly.  Let our team of technical SEO experts assess your current setup, guide you through the implementation of best practices, and remove unnecessary confusion from building out search optimized new language pages. 

Localization of Content

Optimizing your content for search across multiple languages should be a two-pronged approach.  Even if your page is performing well in its original form that doesn’t mean the SEO you put into place will automatically transfer over.  Translating your content is only step one.  Step two should always be to partner with native speakers to perform localized keyword research, develop appropriate long-tail keywords and meta-data, and review any directly translated content.  Not sure where to start?  If we don’t have a near-native speaker in-house, we’ll do the legwork to find and hire appropriate contractors to ensure your content is locally optimized 

Content Plans

Should you standardize your content across markets or locally adapt it for each one you serve?  The answer is probably a combination of both. My team of industry experts can help you develop a content strategy and site hierarchy that will maximize the efficiency of your content creation efforts and help you meet specific business goals in multiple landscapes and languages.  

Common Multilingual SEO questions:

Here are some frequently asked questions about our International and Multilingual SEO services:

What type of experience do you have in international markets?

Aside from the multiple clients we’ve helped with International SEO, we also have skin in the game. We own and operate a wide portfolio of non-English websites across a host of countries. The techniques and know-how we share with our clients has been battle tested on our own properties. We’ll never recommend a strategy we haven’t used ourselves or seen success with for previous clients. 

Do you offer Technical SEO services?

As Technical SEO experts, it is at the core of everything we do. Technical implications on search performance are largely misunderstood and we pride ourselves on being the most knowledgeable team in the industry. We aren’t intimidated by Javascript or large-scale web applications and many of our previous clients came to us because they needed Multilingual SEO expertise AND in-depth experience with web technologies. 

Do you offer multilingual multimedia optimization?

We realize that websites often contain multimedia elements in various formats.  Optimizing each content type requires adherence to a unique set of standards and best practices. My team and I have found that our time and resources are better spent focusing on the Multilingual SEO of your website as a whole and the pages that live within it.  This approach ultimately allows us to maximize your ROI for our services. If you need in-depth assistance implementing Multilingual SEO for video, visual, or podcast assets let us know and we can point you in the appropriate direction.

Do you offer Pay-per-click (PPC) or digital ads?

In short, no we do not. We only focus on SEO.

PPC and SEO are both important strategies within your digital marketing portfolio. My team and I are technical SEO experts and focus our efforts solely within this arena. We feel strongly about the results that SEO can deliver for your business when done well. The organic traffic that can be driven through Multilingual SEO services (even when breaking into new language markets) is highly scalable, cost-effective, and leads to increased brand authority.  

Do we offer link building? 

Let’s talk. We need to learn more about your current strategies and future goals before answering this question. As mentioned above, each service package is custom built on a client-by-client basis.  In certain circumstances, we are happy to offer backlining services and link building strategic planning. 

Can you tell me about your ethics?

We are steadfastly committed to delivering original, high-quality work on time, every time.  My team and I take pride in offering proven tactics that we have strenuously developed over years of rigorous testing and real-world implementation. 

Our company will never bring you restated bullet points from gurus and top-ten lists, or standardized strategy PowerPoints that are repurposed for every client.  We truly care about building customized solutions for each of our partners and would love the opportunity to talk specifics in a free initial strategy session. 

Contact us today

Whether you’re still in the planning phases of launching your site in a second language, or you’re an established enterprise business who needs guidance on growing global organic traffic, my team and I are poised to help. I can’t promise you quick fixes or secret hacks for ranking in the top spot in a new language overnight. 

What I can promise you is a dedicated team of industry experts with deep technological understanding and a commitment to getting you the best results possible.  

Our Multilingual SEO services will save your company both time and money by pinpointing problem areas through precision focused audits, providing expert technical guidance on correcting identified issues, and devising a strategy to reach your organic search goals across multiple markets. International SEO can be an intimidating undertaking. Let my team and I guide you through the most efficient and effective ways to translate your search optimization efforts and ensure your content is being correctly indexed in every locality you serve.

Let’s talk about expanding your organic traffic across world markets. In our initial introductory call, we’ll dive into your organization’s specific search challenges, any international roadblocks you’ve experienced, and what our team of consultants can do to help. 

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