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Hey! I’m Scott, an international SEO consultant based in the United States.

My team and I have grown sites in multiple counties & languages.

Including Norwegian countries, South American (Brazil), various countries in European Union and even Chinese speaking countries (I speak Mandarin. )

What can I say, the list of countries we work in is ever growing. If your company needs a Strategic SEO with high technical expertise, give us a shout.

Why not, the first strategy session is free.

What makes our SEO consulting different?

  • Technical SEO – First and foremost global technical SEO services are one of our strongest features. Due to my technical background, we are one of the few SEOs that truly understands the implications of technology and search results. I’ve personally turned around Javascript driven websites and a number of different web based technologies.
  • Test Based SEO – It’s simple. If it doesn’t work we don’t do it. We have an in house testing team that is constantly pushing the limits of search engines such as Google. We don’t follow any single methodology, all tactics are developed in house, not a SEO consultancy from a ‘guru’ or an overpriced SEO course.
  • Strategic SEO – Fixing up your website’s technology is amazing, but high growth is better. My team and I will put together a plan that is outside the box and take advantage of organic avenues your competitors are completely ignoring.
  • Senior SEO Lead – I personally lead all audits and strategic decisions. No outsourcing to Jr SEOs or a project manager who has never built a website in their entire carrier.
  • Transparent SEO – We put a lot of effort into explaining our overall seo strategy and the importance of implementation. No ‘trust us’ and wait.
  • Achieving Results within 90 Days – How do we do it? Easy, we only accept projects we can grow. Not every campaign is for us, we only work with clients that will benefit from our global seo services.

Want to know if we can help? Why wait?… Get in touch 

What is International SEO?

Simply put, international or global SEO is extending your organic search results to different countries and languages. Most often, clients are already performing well within a single language demographic and want to extend where they see future opportunity.

An opportunity that may arise after analyzing site visitor data and possible target countries, is the observation that visitors may be visiting from different countries, speak different languages, etc. and providing them with curated content will create a better experience and overall increase customer acquisition and engagement.

In short, if you can fix the technical aspects of your website and localized content to a different country you can attract website visitors from a completely new market.

What does this include?

There are three main initiatives to follow in order to optimize your website for different countries and languages: 

  • Technical Audit –  Review of items like international-friendly URL structures and to target specific countries and/or regions. In addition, reviewing website code to effectively allow Google to spread authority to these newer website sections.
  • Keyword & Market Research – Organize a set of languages you plan to target and implement language tags within your site. Effectively, rather than a one to one translation, researching the best possible keyword volumes country to country. 
  • Content Marketing – The creation and maintenance of content in your target visitors’ language(s).

Upon implementing the international-friendly URL structures, it is important to note that the maintenance of website content for SEO is a constant process to address current market trends 

Multilingual SEO

Multilanguage SEO is a term interchangeable with international or global SEO that you may hear thrown around which is simply the practice of implementing SEO practices.

We frequently work across a range of different languages, and have found ways to apply our  growing SEO experience across a variety of industries and niches. This provides not only us but our clients with evergrowing opportunity through our additional offering of global multilingual seo services

International SEO Due diligence

Often search engine optimization client’s need to know about the potential upside. A market may be easy to enter, however is there any market potential for a search engine perspective?

Other factors may need to be considered prior to implementing international or global SEO services if the product or service offered by a certain site are physical or digital along with the legal implications of certain offerings within regions. 

Digital products with little involvement in highly regulated industries prove to have high untapped potential within international markets, which can offer the best results. 

SEO Audits

Oftentimes, client websites’ do not have the technical SEO capacity to go international. Meaning we often have to fix existing SEO problems before. This includes optimizing site content against competitors and relevant trends. 

Before tackling that approach, the backend of your web application needs to be assessed to properly understand whether changes or additions to your backend frameworks need to be made. We provide fully fledged SEO audits that take a deep look at your server-side scripting & meta-data, website content, and potential for international markets.

A little known fact about SEO is that it is actually highly impacted by the speed of your backend or server framework and how fast your servers respond to requests. We specifically recommend the use of backend frameworks functionality they offer and the frameworks that allow the utilization of server-side rendering to minimize the time it takes for the search engine to load and read your website.

 The alternative is client-side rendering which sends an unfinished version of the website for the visitor’s browser to process and load.

For websites that have already been created with client-side rendering, we recommend improving the SEO with the use of pre-rendering frameworks to speed up the initial load time of the site so that search engine scrapers can load and read your content faster than your competitors and get you ranked higher than them. 

Localization of Content

Transitioning your website content to support multiple languages can be broken down into two main steps. We cover the process end-to-end, allowing you to enjoy a seamless process focused on customer support

The first step of the process is translating your content strategy correctly, which may require the help of outside sources (We’ll help with that). The next step is to focus on collaborating with the native language speakers to perform localized keyword & meta-data research and to review and maintain content for SEO purposes. 

We may have a native speaker that you are searching for in house, reach out to find out! We’ll help you find out where to start. 

We’ll also hire our own contractors specific to your business needs when necessary.  

Common Global SEO questions:

Here are a few common questions we get about SEO.

What type of experience do you have in International markets?

Simply, we’ve been there. We currently own and operate a profile of websites in non-english speaking markets, many of which are in a host of different countries. 

We are a team covering multiple languages and also offer the service of hiring our own internal contractors for the entrance into a new region. It is important to note that after providing our initial services of SEO and other optimization, SEO maintenance is a crucial aspect of continuing the acquisition of customers and important to what we do. 

Our team has an expert understanding of Javascript and the ever-changing landscape that is the internet. We stay up to date with new technologies and have great foundation from seeing the growth of the internet and its architecture through 10+ years of experience. 

You can save your time by counting on us to provide you with the information on current JavaScript technologies and how they will impact your project and it’s SEO. Additionally, keyword research and competitor analysis can be expected from us as well. 

Do you offer Technical SEO services?

We are technical SEO experts and consider it our bread and butter. Quite frankly, there is a shortage of knowable SEOs that understand the technical implications of search. We regularly work on SEO of javascript driven websites and large scale web applications.

Many of our clients come to us because they have a need for international or global SEO specialist who has experience with web technologies.

Do you offer pay per click or ads?

No we do not, we focus on SEO with respect to site performance and experience (framework and rendering optimization) to content management. 

What is the ethics of our company?

Our company is a goal-oriented organization with a focus on the efficient delivery of accurate and reliable SEO solutions to clients. 

As a company, we take pride in offering proven SEO strategies from our years of experience through original and curated content. We will take any opportunity to speak and get the requirements for a project right and outlined before executing decisions. 

We don’t go through the typical process of using standardized strategy PowerPoints for proposals but we truly care about building meaningful relationships and customized SEO solutions for each of our partners and welcome you to a free initial strategy session. Reach out!

Contact us today

Wherever you currently are in the lifespan of your business, our company can offer you the SEO services to grow organic visitor traffic for your site. 

Our company provides expert technical guidance through precision focused audits to grow customer acquisition, growth, and monetization. International SEO can be intimidating, but our team will take the time to guide you through the most effective and efficient ways to translate your search engine optimization efforts and make sure your content is being indexed within every region you serve.

Let’s talk about expanding your organic traffic across world markets. In our initial introductory call, we’ll dive into your organization’s specific seo and other search challenges, any international roadblocks you’ve experienced, and what our team of seo consultants can do to help. 

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