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Our Next.js developers are fully trained in Search Engine facing websites to maximize SEO. Hire our team to to developer your Next JS application and maximize search traffic.

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Any js developer will agree that the web infrastructure becomes more complex by the day, and search engines can’t always keep up with modern programming languages and frameworks, including next js. OhMyCrawl js developers specialize in making websites and web application search crawler friendly.

Digital Architecture For Search Engines

Next.js Developers for Search Engines

Javascript SEO experts with a strong understanding of best practices for search engines

Website Architecture and Crawler experts

Semantic HTML & OnPage SEO Aficionados

Search Engine Optimization for
Modern Web Frameworks

Javascript Driven Development for Organic Search

With ever increasing Javascript Apps (including next js apps) on the web, OhMyCrawl has made it our specialty to work with SPA SEO and React Apps

Problem solve indexing issues

Sever-Side & Pre-Rendering Experts

Crawling Architecture refinement



Indexing & crawl budget is a constant issue in todays search engine environment, get pages indexed and ranking.

Semantic HTML

Property constructed SEO Semantic Markup is more important than ever. Hire us and we’ll audit and review your current HTML layout.


OnPage SEO is a key factor in Search Engine rankings, we’ll make SEO recommendations down to a page level.

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OhMyCrawl has more than 10 years experience in the digital space, our js developers working extensively with technical SEO issues and Enterprise websites.

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We don’t talk the talk, we walk the walk, happy to share case studies and success stories with clients that hired us and our js developer team.

Javascript SEO Experts

OhMyCrawls’s founder can actually program and personally performs our audits. Most SEO’s and developers know nothing of how programming works and its impact on SEO.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Developers

Common mistakes to avoid when hiring a Next.js developer

  • Failing to prioritize SEO knowledge: While Next.js is a powerful tool for building fast and scalable web applications, it’s important to ensure that your next development team has a strong understanding of SEO best practices. This includes things like creating and optimizing meta tags, using clean and descriptive URLs, and properly formatting headings and content for search engines.
  • Before you delve into js developer hiring, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what a Next.js developer does and the skills they need in order to effectively evaluate candidates. Whenever you look to hire developers for next js keep in mind that A Next.js developer should have strong knowledge of JavaScript, React, and web development best practices, as well as experience with server-side rendering and js code optimization.
  • Not considering a next js developer’s overall skill set and experience: While it’s important to find a js developer with experience using Next.js, it’s also crucial to consider their overall skill set and experience in web development. When hiring next js developers, look for developers who have a strong portfolio of next js projects and a track record of delivering high-quality code.



Best practices for onboarding and managing a Next.js development team

  1. Clearly define roles and responsibilities for each next js developer: Make sure that each team member understands their role and the tasks they will be responsible for. This will help to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the team is working efficiently.
  2. Establish clear communication channels: It’s important to have clear and consistent communication among team members, as well as with any stakeholders or clients. Consider using project management tools like Asana or Trello to keep everyone informed and on track.
  3. Set realistic expectations and deadlines: Make sure that next js developers and other team members have a clear understanding of what is expected of them and the timeline for completing tasks. This will help to ensure that every js developer in the team is able to deliver high-quality work within the agreed-upon timeframe.
  4. Provide necessary resources and support: Make sure that team members have access to the tools and resources they need to be successful. This may include things like access to training materials, code libraries, and testing environments.
  5. Foster a positive and collaborative work environment: Encourage team members to work together and share ideas. This can help to foster a sense of camaraderie and drive better results.
  6. Encourage ongoing learning and professional development: Keep team members up-to-date with the latest best practices and technologies. Consider offering training and professional development opportunities to help team members stay sharp and continue to grow their skills relating to next js.

Options for finding and hiring talented Next.js developers

Problatly the best option is to use us :-D, but here are some other options to take into consideration to hire next js developers:

  • Job boards: Many developers look for job opportunities on online job boards, such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor. If youre looking to hire next js developer, Posting a job listing on one of these platforms can help you reach a large pool of potential candidates.
  • Recruitment agencies: If you’re looking to hire nextjs developer, another option is to work with a recruitment agency that specializes in placing developers. These agencies can help you find qualified candidates and handle the initial screening process.
  • Online communities: There are several online communities where developers gather to discuss topics related to Next.js and other technologies. For anyone on the market to hire developers, These can be a good place to find talented candidates and build relationships with potential hires. Some popular communities include Stack Overflow, Reddit, and GitHub.

Why use us over job boards etc?

Our next js developers are managed by our technical SEO team and have been tried in Search Engine optimization. In addtional our company can provide proof and case studies about our technical growth.

What does our ongoing training and professional development look like?

We regularly meet with our next js developers and include them in all search engine conversations. In addition we have senior developers on our next js  team to train our devs.

How does Front-end infrastructure for Search Engines differ from normal software development?

Front-end infrastructure for search engines involves the design and implementation of user interfaces for search engines, which is a specialized field within software development. The development process for front-end search infrastructure differs from traditional software development in that it requires a greater focus on performance, scalability, and user experience. Companies may hire specialized developers, such as a next.js developer, with expertise in this area to ensure that their search engines provide a seamless and efficient experience for users. 

What frameworks do you work on? Everything from Javascript to source code!

We are applying SEO techniques to a wide range of elements, including JavaScript and source code, as part of our efforts to improve the visibility of our website in search engine results. To support these efforts, we may use next js developers with expertise in SEO and JavaScript, such as a next.js developer, to optimize our website’s front-end js infrastructure and ensure that it is performing at its best. 

Does next save time for js programmers who program web apps 

Yes, Next.js can definitely save time for JavaScript (JS) programmers who are building web applications. Its built-in features and functionality, such as server-side rendering and automatic code-splitting, can significantly streamline the development process and reduce the amount of time and effort required to build and deploy web apps. As a result, JS developers who use Next.js may be able to complete projects more efficiently and potentially take on more work. Additionally, companies that hire JS developers with experience using Next.js may benefit from faster development times and quicker turnaround on projects.

Can you work on our content management system?

Yes, we would be happy to work on your content management system. As a SEO agency, we have a team of skilled developers, including JS developers, who are experienced in optimizing websites for search engines. We can help you create and manage high-quality, SEO-friendly content that will drive traffic to your website and improve your search engine rankings. Whether you need assistance with creating and organizing content, formatting text, or ensuring that all content is accurate and up-to-date, we are here to support you. We are confident that our skills and expertise can help you effectively manage your content and achieve your desired outcomes.

Is Cross-Platforms Compatibility in next js close to a mobile application?

One of the benefits of using Next.js is that it allows js developers to build web applications that are compatible with a wide range of platforms, including mobile devices. While Next.js is not a mobile application development framework per se, its ability to create cross-platform compatible web apps makes it a useful tool for next js developers who want to build applications that can be accessed on a variety of devices and can be a substitute for a mobile application in some cases.

Should I hire designers and next js developers to improve site speed?

As a SEO developer, I would strongly recommend hiring developers for next js and SEO specialists to improve site speed. They have the skills and expertise to optimize your website’s front-end infrastructure and content, which can have a significant impact on site speed and search engine rankings. Working with specialized developers and SEO specialists can help you ensure that your website is running smoothly and efficiently, and can also help you attract more traffic and improve your online visibility.

Are back-end data analytics worth the price?

Back-end data analytics can be a valuable investment. These tools help companies understand their customers and make informed decisions. Hiring developers with expertise in data analytics can help organizations stay competitive and stay ahead of industry trends.

Can Next Increase Ease of Use in My Web Development?

Next.js can make web development easier by improving performance, simplifying the development process, and enhancing the user experience. Its built-in features and tools can help next js developers build and deploy high-quality web apps more efficiently and effectively.

I am a Nextjs developer, where can I find Expert Resources and FAQs?

As a Next.js developer, you can find expert resources and FAQs in the official documentation, the Next.js community, online tutorials and courses, and third-party blogs and resources. These next js resources can help you improve your skills and knowledge and stay up-to-date on the latest best practices for using the framework.

What plug and play features are useful for a next js developer?

There are many plug and play features that can be useful for a Next.js developer, including server-side rendering, automatic code-splitting, hot module replacement, a custom server, and static export. These features can help Next.js developers build and deploy web applications more efficiently and effectively. Some of the benefits of these next js features include improved performance, better SEO, faster loading times, and easier maintenance. Whether you are a seasoned Next.js developer or just getting started, these and other plug and play features can help you streamline your workflow and create high-quality next web applications.

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